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Distributor for artevisual2.delarteatusojos

Hello artevisual2.delarteatusojos,

My name is Paul Novak and we're looking for distributors for our vehicle tracking products.
We design innovative GPS technologies and are looking for distributors in your country.

Our innovative web based software allows owners to track fleets in realtime by iOS or Android Apps. If a vehicle is stolen you can stop the engine and recover it.
With our professional kit you can start your own tracking business or just resell the software to others for up to fifty percent commission.

Our product is ideal for fleet tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. Insurance companies, trucking companies and car dealers have been our clients for over 20 years.
This could be a good choice If you want to start a new business or diversify your investment.

The business consists in offering location services to end customers through a web site. This is accomplished through a Web platform that we provide as a turnkey server installed at your end.

This service will allow customers to track their fleets from any web browser - even from Tablets and Smartphones - with a username and password.
We have Professional Kits available which include full Software licenses, so once you get the KIT and start testing you will not need to invest again in the Software or have to pay any monthly fee.

If you're interested I can send you the proposal for your consideration.

Best regards,
Car Track GPS

We have clients in over 100 countries and 20 years of experience in GPS tracking systems.
ID: 27559

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