martes, 25 de agosto de 2020

WiFiJammer: Amazing Wi-Fi Tool

The name sounds exciting but really does it jam WiFi networks? Yes, it is able to do the thing which it's name suggests. So today I'm going to show you how to annoy your friend by cutting him/her short of the WiFi service.


  1. A computer/laptop with WiFi capable of monitoring (monitor mode).
  2. A Linux OS (I'm using Arch Linux with BlackArch Repos)
  3. And the most obvious thing wifijammer (If you're having BlackArch then you already have it).

How does it work? You maybe thinking!, it's quite simple it sends the deauth packets from the client to the AP (Access Point) after spoofing its (client's) mac-address which makes AP think that it's the connected client who wants to disconnect and Voila!

Well to jam all WiFi networks in your range its quite easy just type:

sudo wifijammer

but wait a minute this may not be a good idea. You may jam all the networks around you, is it really what you want to do? I don't think so and I guess it's illegal.

We just want to play a prank on our friend isn't it? So we want to attack just his/her AP. To do that just type:

sudo wifijammer -a <<AP-MAC-ADDRESS>>

here -a flag specifies that we want to jam a particular AP and after it we must provide the MAC-ADDRESS of that particular AP that we want to jam.
Now how in the world am I going to know what is the MAC-ADDRESS of my friend's AP without disturbing the other people around me?
It's easy just use the Hackers all time favorite tool airodump-ng. Type in the following commands:

sudo airmon-ng

sudo airodump-ng

airmon-ng will put your device in monitor mode and airodump-ng will list all the wifi networks around you with their BSSID, MAC-ADDRESS, and CHANNELS. Now look for your friend's BSSID and grab his/her MAC-ADDRESS and plug that in the above mentioned command. Wooohooo! now you are jamming just your friend's wifi network.

Maybe that's not what you want, maybe you want to jam all the people on a particular channel well wifijammer can help you even with that just type:

sudo wifijammer -c <<CHANNEL-NUMBER>>

with -c we specify to wifijammer that we only want to deauth clients on a specified channel. Again you can see with airodump-ng who is on which channel.

wifijammer has got many other flags you can check out all flags using this command that you always knew:

sudo wifijammer -h

Hope you enjoyed it, good bye and have fun :)

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