martes, 25 de agosto de 2020

Evil Limiter: Taking Control Of Your Network Bandwidth

Ever wanted to block someone from the network or limit their bandwidth without having the network admin privileges? Well Evil Limiter has got you covered then.

An amazing tool to help you control your network without having access to the admin panel.

Today I'm gonna show you how to use this interesting tool to take control of your network.


1. A PC or Laptop with Linux OS.
2. A Network Adapter.
3. Access to the Network you want to control.
4. sudo or root access on your Linux OS.

First of all we will download the tool from its github repository:

You can download and extract the zip file from the link above or you can clone evillimiter repository using git like this:

git clone 

Now lets install the downloaded tool on our machine

Step 1: Move inside the downloaded github repository

cd evillimiter

Step 2: To install type

sudo python3 install

wait for the installation to finish (May take some time)

Step 3: To run type

sudo evilimiter

Voila! That's it, you got it up and running on your machine

Now how do you control your network with it, its very easy.

It should detect your network automatically but yeah you can set it up manually as well using the command line argument -i.

After you have selected the right interface to control, you need to scan your network for live hosts. To perform the scan type


you can pass an optional flag to the scan command which is range which will help you to specify the range of ip addresses you want to scan like this

scan --range

The above command will scan a total of 100 hosts from to

Now after you have scanned your network next thing is to list the hosts that have been discovered during the scan for that you type the hosts command like this


Now you know the hosts on your network and now you should know which host you wanna block or limit based on the mac address of the host. Remember the host id of the host that you want to block or limit bandwidth of and lets do the magic.

to block a host from using the internet we simply specify the block command followed by the host id of the host that we want to block like this

block 1

if instead of blocking the host we just want to limit his internet bandwidth we can do just that by using the limit command followed by the host id and then the bandwidth that we want to allocate to that particular host like this

limit 1 100kbits

Wohooo! yeah its that easy and yes you can do all this without having the network admin role.

Now if you want to show mercy on that poor guy (blocked host), you can set him free by using the free command followed by the host id like this:

free 1

Well isn't administrating your network bandwidth so easy now.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.:)

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