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What Is Cybersecurity And Thier types?Which Skills Required To Become A Top Cybersecurity Expert ?

What is cyber security in hacking?

The term cyber security  refers to the technologies  and processes designed  to  defend computer system, software, networks & user data from unauthorized access, also from threats distributed through the internet by cybercriminals,terrorist groups of hacker.

Main types of cybersecurity are
Critical infrastructure security
Application security
Network Security 
Cloud Security 
Internet of things security.
These are the main types of cybersecurity used by cybersecurity expert to any organisation for safe and protect thier data from hack by a hacker.

Top Skills Required to become Cybersecurity Expert-

Problem Solving Skills
Communication Skill
Technical Strength & Aptitude
Desire to learn
Attention to Detail 
Knowledge of security across various platforms
Knowledge of Hacking
Fundamental Computer Forensic Skill.
These skills are essential for become a cybersecurity expert. 
Cyber cell and IT cell these are the department  in our india which provide cybersecurity and looks into the matters related to cyber crimes to stop the crime because in this digitilization world cyber crime increasing day by day so our government of india also takes the immediate action to prevent the cybercrimes with the help of these departments and also arrest the victim and file a complain against him/her with the help of cyberlaw in our constitution.

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