lunes, 4 de mayo de 2020

RED_HAWK: An Information Gathering, Vulnerability Scanning And Crawling Tool For Hackers

About RED_HAWK: RED_HAWK is a all in one tool for Information Gathering, Vulnerability Scanning and Crawling. A must have tool for all pentesters and hackers.

RED_HAWK's features:
  • Basic ScanSite Title (NEW):
       IP Address
       Web Server Detection IMPROVED
       CMS Detection
       Cloudflare Detection
       robots.txt Scanner
  • Whois Lookup (IMPROVED)
  • Geo-IP Lookup
  • Grab Banners IMPROVED
  • DNS Lookup
  • Subnet Calculator
  • Nmap Port Scan
  • Sub-Domain Scanner IMPROVED:
       Sub Domain
       IP Address
  • Reverse IP Lookup and CMS Detection IMPROVED:
       IP Address
  • Error Based SQLi Scanner
  • Bloggers View NEW
       HTTP Response Code
       Site Title
       Alexa Ranking
       Domain Authority
       Page Authority
       Social Links Extractor
       Link Grabber
  • WordPress Scan NEW
       Sensitive Files Crawling
       Version Detection
       Version Vulnerability Scanner
  • Crawler
  • MX Lookup NEW
  • Scan For Everything - The Old Lame Scanner
List of CMS Supported on RED_HAWK
   RED_HAWK's CMS Detector currently is able to detect the following CMSs (Content Management Systems) in case the website is using some other CMS, Detector will return could not detect.
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento

RED_HAWK Installation
   How To Configure RED HAWK with for Bloggers View Scan?
   All set, now you can enjoy the bloggers view.

How to use RED_HAWK?

Known Issues of RED_HAWK
   ISSUE: Scanner Stops Working After Cloudflare Detection!
   SOLUTION: Use the fix command (for Debian-based distros) or manually install php-curl and php-xml.

   Watch the video to see how to solve that isuue:

Support and Donations
   Found RED_HAWK cool? Well you could buy a cup of tea for the author 😉 Just send any amount of donations (in Bitcoin) to this address: 1NbiQidWWVVhWknsfPSN1MuksF8cbXWCku

   Can't donate? well that's no problem just drop a "THANK YOU, AUTHOR" this will motivate me to create more exciting stuffs for you 😉

  • Make a proper update option ( Installs current version automatically )
  • Add more CMS to the detector
  • Improve The WordPress Scanner ( Add User, Theme & Plugins Enumeration )
  • Create a web version of the scanner
  • Add XSS & LFI Scanner
  • Improve the Links grabber thingy under bloggers view
  • Add some other scans under the Bloggers View

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