Every thing have some basic terminology and when you learn these basic things then you will be able to handle your work more the same case you Cannot learn C AND C++programing language in easy way if you does not know about the basic  component of C AND C++ programming language it must be known those who really want to learn C programming language and want to be a programmer.

Basic of C AND C++ programming Language.
If you want to write  a programme in C programming language then you must know  about its basic rule  that how to write a programme using C language. without these basics you Cannot write a programme using C language.                                                                                                                                                                         C programming language have some basics component which is must be known every beginner who start to learn C programming language. some of the basic of C programming language is given below.
C language is develop by Dennis Ritchie  in 1970. C is the hybrid of two previous programming language from B and BCPL. B ( basic ) and BCPL mean (basic Combine programming language) BCPL was develop by Martin Richard in 1967.
Character Set.
                                C and C++ contain three type of character set which are most important and basic element which are given below.
v  Numeric Character.
v  Alphabetic Character.
v  Escape Character.

What Is Numeric Character.
Numeric Character are used for Calculation purpose and these are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
What Is Alphabetic Character.
Alphabetic Character are used for naming a variable or writing programming or for user define words etc…
What is Escape Character.
Every language have some special Character which are used for special purpose C programming language have also some special Character which is Called Escape Character.
And these Escape Character are used for specific purpose.
'\' (backslash) is a special Character and is called escape Character.
If you use this '\' Character with n just like this ( \n ) then it tell the compiler that jump to the next line. It is used to leave the first line and start a new line.

               cout("asad  \n mirza")
so when the programme is executed then it will print like

How to Name a Variable.

 There is some rule which are important to give a name to  a variable.  
    In C and C++ language you can use A to Z alphabet to name a variable.
A = 5    
Here A is a variable and 5 is value which is assign to it. You can also choose a name for assigning data with your own choice
And so on
But keep in mind that
Ø  variable name must be unique in the programme.

Ø  Name of a variable is also called user define words.

Ø  First letter of a variable must be written in capital words as above.
average=4.5                  wrong
which is wrong variable and cause error because first alphabet of a variable must be start with  capital words and here first alphabet is in lower case.
Ø  Forexample
Average =5                 right  
Here Average is start with capital words so this is right.
Ø  No space is allowed to name a variable only '_' is used in the place of space.
Age_of_ali=35                   right
Becase under score'_' is used.
Age of ali=5                   wrong
Because space ' ' is used.
Separate variable name with comma ', ' .
Ali,Rno,Phone_no;                   right
Comma is used between two variable.
Ali rno phone no                        wrong
Space is used between two variable.
Ø  After name a variable in the last put simi colon ';' which is mean that the variable is ended.
                  Example :
                                                void main()
                                                int  age,name,cotact_no;

How To Assign A Value To Variable
C and C++ provide you three data type for assigning a value to variables.
This three data type is.
·        int
·        float
·        char
In C language equal sign '=' is used to assign a value to avariable it is also called assignment operator.
int data type is used for integer value. And thses are (0,1,2,3,4,5,5,6,7,8,9).
float is used for decimal point value.   (0.1,3.4,5.9  ……..).
char is used to give a name to a variable or to give some text to variable.
(asad, copy, ali, reg_no, name……).
Keep in mind that the data type is case sensitive and must be given in lower case letter(a,b,c,…z).
            int A=5;
            float B=3.5;
            char C=college_name;

A simple programme
Void main()
char name;
int age;
float height;

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