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Press Release: Announcing Succulent - A Beautiful Strategy Game! From Renegade Game Studios

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Announcing Succulent - A Beautiful Strategy Game!
Compete to find out who is the master horticulturalist!

We're thrilled to announce Succulent - a beautiful and strategic tile-laying game designed by J. Alex Kevern and illustrated by Anna Daviscourt.
You are a gardener tasked with thoughtful selection, delicate pruning, and tireless care. You've earned a reputation as a master horticulturist. In Succulent, you compete against your peers for lucrative and prestigious projects that will cement your place as the community's premier succulent gardener.
The game is played over a series of turns where players collect succulent cuttings from their gardens along with water crystals and use them to complete projects which grant various benefits, including earning points. Optimize every turn to become your community's premier succulent gardener and earn the most victory points to win.

Succulent is designed for 2-4 gardeners, ages 10+, cultivating their gardens in 45-60 minutes.
Lucky gamers will be able to catch an early release and demo day of Succulent at select friendly local game store on April 4th with Board Game Expo

Find a local store and ask if they're participating in Board Game Expo! 
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