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C++ Std::Condition_Variable Null Pointer Derreference

This story is about a bug generated by g++ and clang compilers (at least)
The condition_variables is a feature on the standard library of c++ (libstdc++), when its compiled statically a weird asm code is generated.

Any example on the link below will crash if its compiled statically:

In this case the condition_variable.wait() crashed, but this happens with other methods, a simple way to trigger it:

If this program is compiled dynamically the crash doesn't occur:

Looking the dissasembly there is a surprise created by the compiler:

    g++  9.2.1+20200130-2
    clang++ v9

Both compilers are generating the "call 0x00"

If we check this call in a dynamic compiled:

The implementation of condition_variable in github:

The compilers can't copile well this code in static,  and same happens on  other condition_variable methods.
I would say the _lock is being assembled improperly in static, is not exacly a null pointer derreference but the effects are the same, executing code at address 0x00 which on linux is a crash on most of cases.

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